Dear future Naomi

Disclaimer: this might be about to get a bit confusing, since we are, in theory, the same person, but also (hopefully) very different people, since this is a letter to be read again by December 2022. Therefore, when I say we, I am referring to jan 2021 Naomi and dec 2022 Naomi (while I = present and you = future). I figure it’s better to write this down here - I don’t think a better memory will be one of the things we’ll have achieved by the time you are reading this letter.

Dear future me,

I am writing you this letter during the first week as a student in the Apple Developer Academy. This was something we had dreamed about for years, ever since our friend told us about it in 2018. We got very upset back then for not being able to even try to join, but let’s be honest: it was for the best. Everything happens for a reason (yes, such a cliché); but I do believe that this is the best timing possible, both academically and personally.

Having said that, I really hope I don’t mess up and that I make you proud. This is an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity to learn, to make things happen. Remember when we wanted to go to Medical School, because we wanted to make a difference? This is the time to make that difference, to make us proud of ourselves for being able to do everything we wanted to do for people and for the world, through a different path. This was the goal when joining the program, and the videos Binder and Hilary showed us on the first day just emphasized this dream.

I currently find myself as part of a group formed by amazing people who come from different backgrounds, and have plenty of knowledge to share. This journey should be more than learning how to make apps, it should also be about learning how to be a better person, about learning how to listen, to work better in groups. I am very aware of our struggle being an Asperger woman, but who has always had so much privilege in other ways. It will certainly be a challenge to let go of all that perfectionism, with the obsession of making things a certain way; to improve at compromising and listening to other people, learning about their experience and understanding their backgrounds. We might have had the best opportunities in life, but we have always carried the pride of where our parents came from, how they struggled to make our life as it has been, and how we want to fight as hard as they always did.

It doesn't take years of studying different design theories to make a pretty app layout. But it does take all those years, added to emotional intelligence to make something special. Hopefully, you are ending this journey having achieved at least these two things.

With love,

2021 Naomi