A reflection on my third Mini Challenge at the Apple Developer Academy

A challenge about making a change.

A reflection on the my first Crash Challenge, what went/felt right, what went/felt wrong and what was learned.

I’ve learned with time that when things go wrong, people have the tendency of trying to blame it on anyone but themselves. Mix that with the feelings of a very anxious person who always thinks bad things are her fault, and get the summary of this (quite confusing) reflection.

An extremely intense week, with little sleep and lots of friends.

A refletion on my knowledge on the CBL framework, as well as my part in our last challenge for the Apple Developer Academy in Curitiba, Brazil

Week #2 as an Apple Developer Student: my first contact with Swift.

This is a report on my first week as a student in the Apple Developer Academy, Curitiba, but also a very long self-reflection.

Before you read this, I want to make sure to let you know that I am not an arrogant person. This is something that terrifies me, and is not in any way my purpose here.

Disclaimer: this might be about to get a bit confusing, since we are, in theory, the same person, but also (hopefully) very different people, since this is a letter to be read again by December 2022. Therefore, when I say we, I am referring to jan 2021 Naomi and dec 2022 Naomi (while I = present and you = future). I figure it’s better to write this down here - I don’t think a better memory will be one of the things we’ll have achieved by the time you are reading this letter.

Naomi Nakanishi

25y - designer in the making, photographer, addicted to reading and talking

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